Soul Care Values


Values of Sojourn East Care

  • Trinitarian

    The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit invite us to join in their existing and ongoing work to care for people. Our union with Christ, accomplished through the Father’s plan, brings healing and growth as the Spirit works to conform us to the image of Christ. Care encourages movement toward God in communion.

  • Biblical

    God invites us to learn from both his Word and his world. Our care is rooted in and guided by the authority of God’s Word and focused on the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • Holistic

    Sin affects everything—our thoughts, feelings, and actions—and Christ redeems it all. We recognize the differences between sin, suffering, brokenness, and God-given limitations

  • Communal

    Our lives and stories are woven together on the journey toward wholeness. We encourage people to invite other relationships into their story for the sake of immediate and longterm encouragement and support.

  • Honest

    The foundation of lasting change is honesty with ourselves, God, and one another. We foster honesty by leading with grace and upholding confidentiality.

  • Patient

    All change takes time. God is patient with his children and that compels us to be patient with one another.

  • Humble

    We emphasize dialogue and collaboration between the person receiving care, the one providing care, and God. We don’t have all the answers and can’t change people, so we work together to celebrate signs of God’s presence and promote healing and growth in his name.

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