Soul Care & Counseling

You don't have to struggle alone

Creating safe spaces to be known and loved by Jesus and his people.

Whether your story includes sin, conflict, addiction, illness, grief, or any other struggle with suffering, our desire is to care for individuals, couples, and families who are weary from carrying heavy burdens. As you journey toward hope and healing, we seek to live in awareness of God’s presence and experience his grace through Jesus Christ together.

Request Care

Our care team consists of lay counselors and pastors who help people understand their story, suffering, or struggle in light of God's presence and grace. Submit a care request here.

Visitation Request

Our care team is available to visit you or a loved one in the hospital or while going through a challenging medical time. We'd love to pray for you, have someone visit with you and care for you. Submit a visitation request here.

Marriage Resources

Whether it’s premarital care, officiating a wedding, or marriage mentoring, we desire to help you invest and grow in your marriage. You can request marriage mentoring here and premarital counseling here.

Care & Lay Counseling Training

Coming Again in the Fall of 2023

Our care and lay counseling training is a 10-week course that equips and trains you to be a better listener and caretaker for service and ministry in the world. This is also a great space to explore your own story. This training is a prerequisite for being a part of our lay counseling ministry. No prior experience or background is necessary, only a desire to love others and grow.

We’ll cover topics ranging from the significance of our stories to trauma, shame and addiction. We’ll use large group teaching and small groups for processing and interacting.

Childcare will not be provided.

Learn About Our Values

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Christians are on a journey to that rest, in God and eventually in heaven. In the meantime, we always need more of God and often help from others. We want to make sure you get the help you need, whether material, psychological, or spiritual, since it's all related to Christ.

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