International Missions

Making disciples and churches among unreached people

God is at work in saving people from all the nations.

He is doing it around the world and in our city. Come and join us as we learn together, pray together, and live on mission together with God as He carries out His plan to reach all peoples.

Prayer for the Nations

Every month in the prayer loft, we gather and pray for a different country. It’s a great way to care for our brothers and sisters in the global Church. 

Taste of Missions

We highlight a people group and a sampling of their food once a month in the missions corner after service. This is a great way to connect with other missions-minded people at our church as well!

Refuge International

Serve refugees in Louisville! Refuge International in Louisville provides ESL, tutoring, and life transition help upon arrival to our city. Contact Daniel Ryan to get involved.

Sojourn East

International Mission Staff