International Missions

Making disciples and churches among unreached people

Living Out The Great Commission

Sojourn East is a local church, a small expression of God's Kingdom in a specific time and place and embodied in the people who compose it.

As the Church is called to be the body of worship and witness of God's work in Jesus Christ to a lost and broken world, Sojourn East is called to do these things. This means that we are called to participate in the Mission of God through Great Commission. This means: evangelism, discipleship and church planting. It also means that the church is called to bear witness to Christ through service, love and sacrifice.

Sojourn East

Short Term Mission Opportunities

Granada Spain

Join us June 28 - July 9 as we travel to Granada, Spain, where we will support our missionaries by helping out with their English language immersion camps by speaking English with students and performing tasks the whole family can participate in. We'll also visit historic areas around Granada and participate in what the Lord is doing in Spain.

This is a great short-term missions trip for the entire family (we recommend bring children 10 years old or older).


Sojourn East's Vision for International Missions

Our vision, with an attention to the Spirit, is to send out healthy members to multiply holistic disciples and churches in cities with lost and forgotten peoples.

Sending out healthy members

As a church, we seek to send out healthy members that exhibit spiritual maturity, proven character and biblical qualifications. Sending is an ongoing relationship between the one sent out and their local church which includes development, ongoing care, prayer, accountability and committed support. John 14:12-21

Multiplying holistic disciples and churches

Through multiplication, the kingdom of God expands. Sojourn East missionaries are focused on proclaiming the gospel, developing disciples that multiply, and starting reproducing churches. They are committed to pursuing Christ in holistic ways and in producing holistic followers and churches. This way of living values a healthy, holy and sacrificial life that is engaged in the world and offers a relationship with Jesus, their King.

Seeking cities with lost and forgotten peoples

We feel called to send the majority of our people and teams to locations where the gospel has not gone, where it has not grown into vibrant communities of faith, and where it has been forgotten over the course of history. We focus on the peoples of cities, because these are the hubs of culture, the mixing pots of peoples and offer a multitude of avenues for engagement and long-term support.

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next steps

Get Equipped for Missions

We have several opportunities to be equipped and trained and learn more about what God is doing through our missionaries. Currently, we are having several meetings scheduled for anyone to come in and learn about what our missionaries are experiencing and for those preparing for short-term trips.

These meetings are held Sunday Morning from 10:45 am-12:15 pm in the Chapel on the following dates:

  • February 26
  • March 19
  • April 16
  • April 30

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International Mission Staff