Faces of the Fall

Sermon Series

Faces of the Fall

A couple of months ago we did a sermon series from Genesis 1-2 called Sacred. What we see in Genesis 1-2 is that the world that God has created is good and beautiful, including the human race. We started there because that’s where the Bible starts. It’s important that we understand the basic goodness of all that God has made.

However, the goodness and beauty of the world that we see and that we long for obviously doesn’t explain our whole experience. Our lives and our world are marked by suffering, death, loss, heartache, disappointment, cancers, ulcers, broken relationships, hurts, and wounds. To make sense of our lives we need to understand the other part of the story – that sin and brokenness has entered the world and our story.

Our series during the season of Lent is called Faces of the Fall. We will be looking at various stories from across the Old Testament that help us understand what sin is and what its effects are on us and the world. God has given us Holy Scripture to enable us to understand who we are and what has gone wrong so that we can see more clearly what the solution is – the beautiful things that God has done for us in Christ.

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