stories of our life together on the road home

Beauty from Ashes

It was 1 pm on a Wednesday afternoon and I was hiding in my bedroom, yet again. Months of sleepless nights had caught up to me. My eyes were always…

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The Dark Room of Winter’s Despair

Somehow the human experience reflects the flow of creation – the constant change of seasons and friendships, the predictability of the sunrise coexisting with the inconsistency of the day ahead, treasuring and mourning…

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A Sanctuary for my Soul

Almost two years ago, I found myself bearing more weight than I ever imagined I could handle. My wife Bailey was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. As you…

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Midnight Prayers

It’s after midnight and I’ve been trying to sleep since 9pm. My thoughts are racing, and reading isn’t helping. These energetic thoughts are the opposite of my daily fatigue. Years…

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The Gift of Knowing God as Friend

“You seem like you’re in your head a lot.”  It was an early session in my first ever stint into counseling. I gave a humorless chuckle. “Yeah. I am.” “That…

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